Ocean & rock art 2013-07-05 164

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Ocean & rock art 2013-07-05 131

I realized that I didn’t add any of the pictures to my post the other day when I wrote about the rock art. These stone carvings were phenomenal! they have been there for 3500 years and tell some kind of story. There is no way to confirm what that story is. The archeologists have ideas of what the drawings mean but they don’t know for sure and some of the drawings make no sense to anyone. I appreciated that the archeologists painted the carvings because it made them so much easier to see. It also preserves them because people aren’t tempted to walk on them to get a better look. One of my favourite carvings was the blue whale. there was another that looked like a giant sea turtle. Then there were the obligatory human figures with spears and lots of boats.