We sadly said goodbye to Elizabeth on Monday morning. We set off for Jӧnkӧpping, the town where Ann lives. We found our hotel despite our GPS trying to repeatedly send us into the lake. The Stora Hotel is beautiful and all that separates us from its rocky shore is a road and the railway tracks. We went for a bit of a walk and explored the local museum. They had a John Bauer exhibition. John Bauer was a favourite of mine. He painted fantasy pictures of trolls and fairy tale figures. We wandered around the old city and came back in time for Ann to pick us up for an evening together.
Ulricehamn 2013-07-09 004

Ulricehamn 2013-07-09 005

Ulricehamn 2013-07-09 006

Ann is a school high school teacher and her husband is the sports editor of the local newspaper and together they run the ice cream kiosk/restaurant at the Jӧnkӧpping zoo and state park. We had dinner there with them and to my dismay; I can’t post pictures of what we saw because they have disappeared off my camera disk. You will have to take my word for it that the place is great! We couldn’t spend a lot of time with Ann because her and her husband were taking off on a trip to Turkey and had lots to do. It was great to have the time together.