On Friday we struck out to see some of the country side with Elizabeth. We first went to an open air museum in Lӧdӧse. This museum showed the archeology and history of the area near the Gӧte river. Lӧdӧse was an important medieval town in Sweden. The displays were very interesting.

We then came back to Trollhӓtten in time for lunch by the canal. We then got to witness the waterfall that occurs every day in July. The town harnesses the water and diverts it into power plants. The waterfall is beautiful as they open the gates from the river in three different places. And then it simply stops. It sounds pretty artificial to have a waterfall start and stop, but the movement of the water was beautiful and it was clear how powerful the water was. We went on a bit of a hike around the waterfalls and up a huge hill on the other side of the river so we could overlook the town, river and canals.

We headed back to Elizabeth’s and picked up Jan and Erik and then headed off fishing. It was a great evening. We headed off to a lake about an hour away. We were able to fish, have a fire, and roast some sausages for supper. Erik caught two trout and Elizabeth caught one. It was wonderfully relaxing. Imagine being in the forest until after 10:30 at night and still having full light.